Approaching at risk youth and how the Dawoods made a difference

November 19, 2019

We know that the children of the world could only be as little as 27% of the world’s population but they are still growing up to become one hundred percent of the future of this world and that is why it the responsibility of a country’s citizens to make sure that the youth of this country and the world are looked after in the right way. It is important for the country to understand how to make a change in order to provide the youth of today with the best of everything they need in order to make it far and wide in life.

The Dawood family has been one significant stone in the improvement of life for the youth we see today. Since the very beginning, the Dawood family has been heavily involved with providing the best, especially to at risk youth in the country. With their work, hundreds of lives have been changed and this is the kind of work that needs to be appreciated heavily. So here is how to approach at risk youth and how the Dawoods managed to make a difference.

Reached out to their passions

A lot of kids, almost all of them, are going to have a lot of things that they are highly passionate about in life. While the resources would be available to regular children in the country, the same cannot be said about at risk youth. This is why Bashir Dawood had made sure to reach out to what each child is passionate about, such as education; sports and more. This way, you are able to encourage them to chase their passions and do better in life with what they truly love.

Access to what they love

Children should always be treated like children and to them, there are more important things that just education. A lot of children are interested in fun and exciting things such as games; sports and more. To give at risk youth the same life as any other child, it is vital to provide them with access to what they truly love and enjoy. This is exactly what the Dawood family has managed to do for the at risk generation and so, they are bound to get the best of both worlds.

Understanding importance of good care

In order to help the at risk youth in the world, you need to understand exactly why this is so necessary. By helping at risk youth, you are able to provide them with a better life and better quality of life. The chance of them growing up to have a better life is always going to be high with the more care that is given to them.

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